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Queen Mary University of London is dedicated to the public good, pursuing the creation and dissemination of knowledge to the highest international standards, thereby transforming wider society and the lives of our students and staff.
Queen Mary’s new Strategy was developed following widespread discussion within the QMUL community. Queen Mary has changed rapidly as an institution in recent years. The invitation in 2012 to join the Russell Group, the change in legal name to “Queen Mary University of London”, and the decision to exercise degree-awarding powers all signify an institution of increasing confidence and achievement. Much has changed also in the environment in which we operate. Minimisation of risk is no longer sensible or viable as a sole approach; the new imperative is the creative management of risk to meet our academic aspirations.
These changes in stature and context inform our approach to the setting of ambitions for the coming years. We build on a definition of the continuing purpose of a university – the creation and dissemination of knowledge – and re-commit to the principle that the benefits of a university education are both individual and societal, and both material and intangible. We recognise the defining and differentiating characteristic of QMUL as an institution equally committed to the achievement of the highest international standards in education and research, and to the service of its local communities through public engagement and the promotion of opportunity to individuals less favoured by financial or social background. And we make commitments to the individuals and organisations we serve and with whom we work:

- To our students, we commit to the provision of a personalised, research-informed education, designed both to promote personal development and to transmit the skills needed for a rewarding career.

- To our staff, we commit to the promotion of a collegial community, supporting academic freedom and alert to the needs and aspirations of its members.

- To  our  partners  in  government  and  public  service,  the local community, industry, commerce, and the cultural sector, we commit to the education of informed graduates and to the performance of research leading both to the advancement of knowledge, and to financial and societal impact.

We pride ourselves on public engagement. Exemplifying our commitment to public engagement, QMUL became the first university to be awarded the Gold Engage Watermark by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).

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